When the game begins, 20 numbers get drawn from the machine. If you have matching numbers on your ticket, then you will win a prize. The highest jackpots are usually given to those who get nine or 10 numbers on their ticket (that said, the odds of picking 10 out of 10 is nearly 1 in 9-million). This total is derived from how many keno tickets are currently in the game being played.

  • The payouts in keno can be quite different from game to game.
  • However, you’ll need to experiment and see which numbers work best for you.
  • For instance, one keno game might pay 20,000 credits, while another casino offers 10,000 credits for the same bet.

Even if only three of your numbers are drawn, you will win something. When playing Keno, you’ll notice a huge number of similarities to lottery gaming. With this in mind, it’s something that often requires a lot more luck than other table games do. Nonetheless, you can improve your chances of winning if you’re smart with how you approach things. Players now have the freedom to play their favorite casino games in either brick-and-mortar casinos or online casinos.

Check out the paytable before playing and investigate if there are payouts for the smaller spots. An example of a bad keno game is a 15-spot keno game that only pays for 6-7 spots. 80-number keno games with a maximum of 10 spots, or numbers, are traditionally the most common games. However, there are cards with huge prizes for 15/15 or more spots.

However, you should remember that they don’t really affect your chances. Firstly, you don’t have to be nervous and confused while thinking about which number can bring you luck. Secondly, and most importantly, you save your time while coming back to the same set of numbers. You don’t have to make up new combinations, just select the same and go on with playing more games without spending extra time. After choosing your numbers, preferably based on your keno chances, it’s time to register your ticket and pay the appropriate amount for your bet.

Stake.com Keno Guide FAQ

However, the amount you win in Keno depends on more than how much you staked. You’ll also need to think about how many numbers you’re going to pick in your bet. Ultimately, you want to play at a safe and secure platform committed to deterring hackers from accessing your private information or funds shared keno guide on the site. A look into the available payment platforms should also guide your decision. As we also found in our Stake.com Video Poker guide, Stake.com is one such casino that meets these conditions and more. As in bingo, it’s then their responsibility to keep track of which of their numbers are drawn.

You do not get to choose your own numbers whereas in Keno the whole score of 80 numbers is open to you to choose your own numbers. Your chances of hitting each of the ten selections you made are 1 in 8,911,712. Caveman keno won’t require you to learn many new rules if you already know regular keno. You still choose your numbers, but the computer will also select numbers. This type of bet is similar to the Top and Bottom ticket, in which a player bets on half of the numbers.


Online Keno comes in simple sleek design as well as more exciting and visually attractive designs. Think of how slots each have their own theme, online Keno games also have their unique designs. Keno games are considered games of chance, and although you can sometimes read about it being a game of skill, it’s only partially true. Winning at Keno is possible if you implement the best Keno strategy, but the game is still based on a Random Number Generator (RNG) when you play online.

The world of online gambling is rich in titles and categories. There are options with similar nature, but different energy and emotions. Rules also vary and change the approach of the similarities, if any. In case keno is not the right game for you, you could also try Arcade Games. The only main difference between playing keno on desktop or on mobile is the location. When we talk about apps, they usually comply with the OS, which uses software for both PCs and phones.

There are, however, occasionally some special betting options that are worth talking about. As we said in our intro, there isn’t a lot to worry about with keno once you get your head around the basic setup and aim of the game. Read through the next sections to find out exactly how to play keno. The rules of Keno are very similar to games like Lotto, where a players picks numbers and hopes that they match some of the numbers drawn at random to win. If you are familiar with line shopping and understanding value in sports betting, then reading keno pay tables should be an easy assignment.

After depositing money that supports your play level, it is important to choose a keno denomination that supports your bankroll. Most reputable online casinos offer everything from a penny to $10, along with high-stakes keno games. What is more, games like keno are played by more and more people on a daily basis.

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